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Fabrice D’Almeida – Professor Honoris Causa

To mark the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the University of Audiovisual Arts, European Film, Theater and Dance Academy – Skopje, on September 18, Fabrice Dalmeida was pronounced as an Honorary Professor (Professor Honoris Causa) by the rector Jordan Plevnes,
on the ceremony wich took place at The cinematheque of Macedonia. Professor D’Almeida held an inaugural lecture to mark the beginning of the academic year, on the topic “World propaganda and manipulation – Then and Now”.
Fabrice Dalmeida is one of the brilliant intellectuals in the European and world academic scene, whose works “History of the World Propaganda”, “Pleasure and Power in Nazi Germany”, “History of the French Media”, “High Society Under the Third Reich”, “The Sources of the Inhuman in the Modern History “, have been published in several world languages.
The work of Fabrice d’Almeida was brought to the attention of the general public through the release of several documentaries and TV films such as “Love, Hate, and Propaganda.”

In addition to his university career, he is a longtime director of the Institute of History of the Present and author of the bestseller “A Brief History of the 21st Century”.