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Admission conditions

General admission conditions

Registration and Entrance Examination

Students who have decided to apply to the University of Audiovisual Arts have an opportunity to enroll in the studies four times a year: from 5-15th May, from 5-15th June, 5-15th August, and from 1-10th September. Students who apply in May will get an additional discount.

Each student should attend the entrance exam, where we will be assessing the affinity and degree of knowledge in accordance with the appropriate department.

Semester Admission

Each student must apply for the semester in the admission round at the University. Student writes in compulsory and elective subjects which they have to pass.


Students can apply for the next semester on condition that they pass all the compulsory subjects. They have the right to sit for an exam of the optional subjects in three exam sessions.

Semester Verification

Once the students have finished the necessary number of compulsory and elective courses, they have the right to obtain verification of the semester. After the end of each semester, it must be verified.

Semester Admission

Each student is required to pass five exams in order to acquire the right to enrollment in each subsequent semester.

Applying for Exams

Each student is obliged to apply for exams before the closing date. Each application must be completed accurately and clearly; otherwise it will not be taken into account.


The end of each semester is followed by session with two examination round offers. Each September between 1-15th is the last session, when the student is required to have passed all the exams. In the first session, the student is obliged to pass five subjects, the compulsory ones in the first place, and the other exams in the next two sessions.

Colloquium and Examinations

Each student has the opportunity to pass certain exams through colloquia, but to get a grade, they should pass all colloquia continuously.

Assessment Method

According to the Bologna system, each student is monitored and evaluated throughout the semester. Out of 100% of the grade, 49% represents the regularity and project activities, and 51% of the grade represents the final examination, or the grade of the colloquium.

Inactive Status

Students may apply to change status to inactive due to health problems, financial setbacks or other reasons. Terms of changing the status to inactive are specified in the Learning Contract.

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