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Samuel Wuersten

Samuel Wuersten’s life in dance is multifaceted. He enjoyed a diversified career as a contemporary repertory dancer, created self-produced as well as commissioned work as a choreographer and is a sought after teacher of contemporary dance around the world. He is the artistic and general director of the renowned Holland Dance Festival, Executive director of Codarts Arts University Rotterdam as well as the Artistic Director of the Bachelor Dance program at Zurich Arts University in Switzerland.
He regularly serves as a jury member and consultant to various dance and arts organizations. For over a decade, he was the artistic co-director of the Steps International Dance Festival in Switzerland as well as a member of the artistic committee and the contemporary dance teacher of the Prix de Lausanne. Since 2013 he has been curating the international CONTEXT festival for the Russian ballerina Diana Vishneva.
Samuel Wuersten was born and raised in Gstaad, Switzerland. He started his dance studies with Michaela Pavlin in Bern and had his formal dance training at the Hamburg Ballet School as well as at Codarts Arts University Rotterdam (formerly Rotterdam Dance Academy). He is currently based in The Netherlands.